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Currently, our child care teachers fill out an ASQ-3 on children prior to parent-teacher conferences while a home visitor has parents fill out an ASQ-3 at home in the same timeframe. The 2 separate questionnaires can be discussed at the parent-teacher conference. However, we screen twice a year and having both teachers and parents complete the questionnaires means that there is a possibility of a teacher completing the same ASQ-3 interval two times and the parent completing it twice as well.

It is great to have both parents and child care providers complete the questionnaires and discuss results as your program is doing. Completing the same age interval four times is not ideal, especially if the child's scores were above the cutoffs during the first administration. One suggestion is to space your screenings out by 9 months so that often different intervals will be used. Another option would be to only update items marked Sometimes or Not Yet on the first questionnaire during the second screening, as opposed to completing the entire questionnaire again, when the child remains in the age windows for the same interval.  

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  • 18-Dec-2018