Is any information available on using ASQ with indigenous children?

Dr. Anita D'Aprano at the University of Melbourne has studied use of ASQ-3 with the Aboriginal Australian population. Two published articles are available.

D'Aprano, A., Silburn, S., Johnston, V., Robinson, G., Oberklaid, F., & Squires, J. (2016). Adaptation of the Ages & Stages Questionnaires for Remote Aboriginal Australia. Qualitative Health Research, 2016; 26(5):613-25.

D'Aprano, S., Silburn, S., Johnston, V., Oberklaid, F., & Taylor, C. (2015). Culturally Appropriate Training for Remote Australian Aboriginal Health Workers: Evaluation of an Early Childhood Development Training Intervention. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, 26(5); 613-25.

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  • 02-Jan-2020