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How does ASQ Online account set up work?

Once you've determined what account structure you need, the tool(s) you are going to use, and any additional ASQ Online features your program wants to add (Family Access, API), your account is ready to be purchased. You will contact customer service to make your purchase and they will send you an ASQ Online Activation form that you will need to complete in order for your account start date to be determined. Your program will pick your start date, and that will be the date that the Account Administrator is provided access to the account. The start date will be the date that your subscription cycle will renew in the following year. 

On your start date, the person listed as administrator for your account on the ASQ Online activation form, will receive an email from [email protected] with a username and instructions to create a password so they can access their ASQ Online account. That same day, the administrator will also receive an email from the implementation specialist in their territory with support information to get them started. If there are questions about setup, or if the administrator needs assisting with setting up the account, they can email their implementation specialist who can answer their questions and/or schedule an account setup call if needed.

Once the set up call has been completed, your administrator can add all providers, classrooms, and programs as needed and assign the providers to their respective programs/classrooms.