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What fields are included in the ChildPlus/ASQ Online import template?

The ChildPlus import template includes child and caregiver demographic fields. To view the full list of specific fields, see this [handout][1]. [1]:

What is the recommended timeline for screening children in Early Head Start between birth and three years old?

The ASQ is a flexible system and it allows programs to choose the frequency of screening based on what works best with your program's goals and capabilities. We do recommend that programs screen on a regular basis, rather than just once, to detect delays that may develop as the children develop. For children birth to…

Does ASQ Online's API Work with Child Plus?

Child Plus does not allow for API functionality at this time. We encourage you to reach out to your Child Plus representative to ask them about a possible API connection with ASQ Online. While ASQ Online API does not work with Child Plus, a template is available within Child Plus for export to allow for easier import…

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