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One of the few disadvantages of the first edition of ASQ:SE was that the validity sample did not have enough girls with social-emotional problems and, therefore, girls with scores close to the cutoffs (but not above) at the 30, 36, 48 and 60 month intervals should also be considered for referral. Is this statement still true for ASQ:SE-2?

 Within the ASQ:SE-2 technical report, the developers make the following statements regarding gender and interpreting results: 
“It is important to note that the validity sample did not have adequate numbers of girls identified with social-emotional problems to determine if separate cutoff scores for females are needed, especially for younger ages.” (page 196)

“Based on our current normative sample, however, we recommend that programs carefully review with parents/caregivers ASQ:SE-2 results of girls with scores in the monitoring zone. Because girls in our normative sample in general had scores lower than boys, especially at 12 through 60 months of age, we believe that girls and their families may need to be considered for referral for further assessment and/or community services when their scores are near as well as above the screening cutoff points.” (page 197)

For more information regarding ASQ:SE-2 gender differences, please refer to pages 194–197 of the ASQ:SE-2 Technical Report, found in the ASQ:SE-2 User’s Guide.

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  • 18-Dec-2018