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Do paper copies of the questionnaires need to be purchased for usage of the online system?

Yes, in order to use ASQ Online, the online management and online questionnaire completion system for ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2, a program must first purchase print copies of the questionnaires that the program wishes to use in the online system. If a program wishes to use ASQ-3 in both English and Vietnamese, the program must purchase ASQ-3 English questionnaires (packaged in a box) and ASQ-3 in Vietnamese on CD-ROM, as well as the ASQ-3 User's Guide.  

After purchasing a subscription to ASQ Online, the user will need to enter the keycode from each print version of the questionnaires into the online system to activate the electronic version of the questionnaires. Keycodes for additional languages (or ASQ:SE-2 or ASQ Learning Activities) can be entered at any point during an ASQ Online subscription. 

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  • 18-Dec-2018