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The ASQ-3 User's Guide says to calculate an adjusted age when a child is born "3 or more weeks" premature. The 2nd edition of ASQ said to adjust age when a child is born "more than 3 weeks" premature. Was this an intentional change?

The developers made the change in how prematurity is defined between editions in an attempt to make determing prematurity and calculating age easier for users to understand and implement. If your program has regularly used the "more than 3 weeks" prematurity guideline from the 2nd edition, you may continue to do so as…

My program has many sites screening infants & toddlers. Many of the sites use ASQ-3 but some continue to use ASQ, 2nd edition as funding is an issue. How different is the scoring between editions? Are we over-refering or under-refering? Is there any way to interpret ASQ, 2nd edition scores alongside ASQ-3 scoring?

The scoring on the 2nd and 3rd editions of ASQ is the same: 10 points for a yes, 5 points for a sometimes, and 0 points for not yet. When comparing the cutoff scores for the 2nd and 3rd editions, there were a few differences but not many drastic changes. There were some ASQ-3 intervals with cutoff points that were hig…

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