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Is a document available to keep track of screenings?

We do not have a document template in Word or Excel to keep track of screenings. However, the Child Monitoring Sheets included on the Questionnaires CD-ROMs or [online][1] allow you to record results for an individual child. ASQ Online allows for electronic tracking of screenings. [Explore ASQ Online][2]. [1]: ht…

I am in charge of tracking ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 for my county, and I am having trouble trying to track all of the screenings. Are there any Excel spreadsheets or tracking systems that I could use?

ASQ Online is an online management system for administering and tracking ASQ screenings electronically. The system enables users to store data, set reminders for future screenings, and run extensive reports on questionnaire results. [Explore ASQ Online][1]. [1]:…

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