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After discussing results with parents or caregivers, what information should be given to the parent: the completed questionnaire, the score sheet, and activities? What information should the professional keep?

The ASQ developers recommend that professionals return the completed questionnaire pages to parents, unless there is a specific reason not to. Parents often are better observers after they have filled out a questionnaire because they are looking for new skills, and the completed questionnaire pages help them remember the types of questions and responses. To help parents in supporting children's development, learning activities can be given, as well.

Programs should examine their record-keeping procedures and figure out what works best for them. Some programs choose to keep paper records, while others maintain electronic records. The ASQ-3 Information Summary Sheets include a grid in the lower right corner to record individual answers so programs do not need to keep copies of the completed pages for their records. ASQ:SE-2 includes optional Item Response Sheets for programs that wish to keep a record of answers to individual questions without keeping all of the pages.

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  • 31-Dec-2019