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How much does ASQ Online cost?
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The pricing for ASQ Online depends on your program's structure and needs, what tool(s) you want to use, and how many children you are screening per year. A breakdown of the pricing for ASQ Online is below.

  • Access to ASQ Questionnaires:
    • This cost depends on the tool(s) your program is going to use (i.e. ASQ-3, ASQ:SE-2, any translations, Learning Activities). For each location/site, you must purchase physical copies of any tools you would like to use in ASQ Online. 
  • Annual Subscription (Choose one.)
    • ASQ Online Pro Account: $149.95 per year
    • ASQ Online Enterprise Account: $499.95 per year
    • ASQ Online Hub Account: $999.95 per year
  • Online Completion (Family Access): $349.95 per year
  • Automated Programming Interface (API): Starts at $150 per year; is based on the number of annual screens
  • Screening Fee: $0.50 per screen entered (paid annually at the end of the subscription term) 

Please note that programs only need to purchase one Annual Subscription. Online Completion (Family Access) and Automated Programming Interface (API) are optional features that can be added to your ASQ Online account.

You can request a custom pricing quote for your program using our ASQ Online quote requestor

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