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What is ASQ:SE-2?

ASQ:SE-2 is a low-cost, reliable, parent-completed tool for screening infants and young children for social-emotional delays during the crucial first 6 years of life.

What social-emotional areas does ASQ:SE-2 address?

ASQ:SE-2 addresses seven social-emotional areas: self-regulation, compliance, communication, adaptive behaviors, autonomy, affect, and interaction with people. [Learn more][1]. [1]:

Most parents don’t see their child interact with peers because they do this at preschool or child care. How will their answers to these questions be valid?

Most parents see their children interact with peers—during playdates, at birthday parties, at social events, in the neighborhood, in the community, on sports teams, and so forth. For children who have been in a preschool or child care environment, parents typically have seen and heard about their children’s social int…

Does ASQ-3 screen a child's social and emotional skills?

Personal-Social is one of the five areas on ASQ-3 questionnaires. Items in the Personal-Social Area look at a child's self-help skills and their interactions with others. Ages & Stages Questionnaires: Social-Emotional, Second Edition, (ASQ:SE-2) provides a more in-depth screening of children's social-emotional skills.…

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