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folder-icon A child may score on target in the Communication area of ASQ-3, but may still need a referral for evaluation due to difficulties communicating. Is this what the overall questions at the end of the questionnaire are designed to catch? folder-icon After completing and scoring ASQ-3 questionnaires, is there a way to form goals for the child? folder-icon Are ASQ-3 questionnaires easy to use? folder-icon Are children comfortable completing ASQ-3 activities? folder-icon Are there available benchmarks to use to determine if programs are finding the same percentage of questionnaires in the referral area as the national or state-wide average? folder-icon Can ASQ-3 be used as a curriculum-based assessment? folder-icon Can ASQ-3 be used as an autism screener? folder-icon Can ASQ-3 detect signs or behaviors associated with Sensory Processing Disorder? folder-icon Can the ASQ-3 be used as a criterion-referenced tool to supplement information gained from standardized testing, which is a requirement for special education eligibility where I work? folder-icon Can you provide a sample question from ASQ-3? folder-icon Can you provide a statement or report that says ASQ-3 is evidence-based for vision and hearing screening? folder-icon Does ASQ-3 screen a child's social and emotional skills? folder-icon Does the ASQ-3 screen for hearing status? If yes, what specific questions address hearing? If no, do you recommend a hearing screening tool or a physical screening by an audiologist? folder-icon Do the Learning Activities have the same information as the intervention activities? folder-icon How can ASQ-3 questionnaires be used as a parent education tool? folder-icon How does ASQ-3 involve parents? folder-icon How does the PEDS compare to the ASQ-3 in regards to expressive Language? folder-icon How do the ASQ screening tools meet the need for school readiness? folder-icon How long does it take to administer ASQ-3? folder-icon I’d like to share the data I’ve collected with ASQ-3 with the authors to help further their research and the development of future editions. How do I do that? folder-icon In what setting can ASQ-3 questionnaires be completed? folder-icon Is ASQ-3 approved by an IRB? folder-icon Is ASQ-3 considered IRB-approved? folder-icon Is ASQ-3 endorsed by the Center for Applied Linguistics or National Center for Family Literacy? Are there any organizations that specifically endorse or recommend ASQ? folder-icon Is ASQ-3 going to be released as a child assessment tool? When will it be ready? folder-icon Is ASQ-3 parent-friendly? folder-icon Is there an ASQ-3 User's Guide in Spanish? folder-icon Is there data that shows that use of ASQ-3 improves children's development? folder-icon I would prefer ASQ-3 Learning Activities that can be used with both boys and girls. For example, one of the activities in Gross Motor 0-2 months says, "...while your baby is on his tummy, lie beside him..." What if I am giving this activity to the parents of a girl? Do you have an option that uses "him or her"? folder-icon My care provider asked me to complete ASQ-3. Is there a privacy policy for the questionnaire? Is the information protected by HIPAA? folder-icon My program has run into inconsistencies in medical records about how premature a child is. For example, the birth record says the child was born at 35 weeks, but the pediatrician's notes say the child was born at 38 weeks gestation. How should we adjust the child's age for prematurity in instances like this? folder-icon My program would like to use ASQ-3 with children with hearing impairment or loss. Has ASQ-3 been normed for use with this group of children? Is there any documentation or guidance on using ASQ-3 with children with hearing impairment? folder-icon We use ASQ-3 as our initial screener and the OUNCE for ongoing assessment. Is there an alignment between the two tools? folder-icon What age range does ASQ-3 cover? folder-icon What developmental areas does ASQ-3 address? folder-icon What do I need to order to use ASQ-3? folder-icon What is ASQ-3? folder-icon What is included in ASQ-3 User’s Guide? folder-icon What is the ASQ-3 Materials Kit? folder-icon What is the ASQ-3 Quick Start Guide? folder-icon What is the cost for 1,000 sets of ASQ-3 12 month questionnaires and 1,000 sets of ASQ-3 24 month questionnaires? folder-icon What is the difference between a screening tool and an assessment tool? folder-icon What is the explanation of a Sometimes response on ASQ-3? folder-icon What is the reference citation for ASQ-3? folder-icon Who completes ASQ-3 questionnaires? folder-icon Why are there are both 9 and 10 month questionnaires for ASQ-3?
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