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What should take the place of an ASQ-3 for a 30-month-old with suspected autism that is already receiving multiple therapies through early intervention?

If a child is already receiving therapies through early intervention, use of a screening tool like ASQ-3 is not needed. A curriculum-based assessment tool can be used to determine a child’s current level of functioning, identify goals, and monitor progress. Examples of curriculum-based assessments include the Assess…

My child has been diagnosed with expressive language disorder and is receiving early intervention. Do you recommend completing ASQ-3 to track development in other domains?

If a child is receiving services through an early intervention program, their overall development is probably being monitored regularly with yearly, more in-depth assessments than ASQ-3. However, you can choose to complete ASQ-3 questionnaires to check development in areas not affected by expressive language disorder…

If a child is receiving early intervention, do his parents still need to complete an ASQ-3?

ASQ-3 was designed to identify children with delays. If a child has been previously identified with a delay or disability, it not recommended that professionals continue administering questionnaires to the child. Parents of these children may be discouraged when completing questionnaires because their child can do on…

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