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We use the ASQ with our families at our family resource centers. Do you have a short, easy-to-understand, introduction paragraph that we can share with parents that explains the ASQ process and benefits?

The developers recommend sharing the [What Is ASQ-3?][1] and What Is[ ASQ: ][2][SE-2? ][2]handout with families when introducing the screening program. The handouts are available in multiple languages. The introductory [letter to parents][3] may also have helpful information. [1]:…

Is there a letter that I can send with the questionnaire to parents to explain the program?

Yes, we have sample letters to help you introduce your screening program and the ASQ questionnaires to parents. Please visit our [Parent Communication page][1] for these letters. You are welcome to edit the sample letters to work for your program. These sample letters are also included in the appendix of the User’s Gu…

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