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What do the bold entries in a report mean?

In the Screening Results, By Child reports, the bolded entries are scores of concern. For ASQ-3, these will be scores that fall below the cutoff. For ASQ:SE-2, these will be scores that fall above the cutoff. The bolded entries make it more easy to spot any scores of concern.

How do I run a report?

Reports can be run by going to the "Reports" tab in the navigation bar. Once on the "Reports" tab, you'll see all of the reports that are available to your role. Hovering your mouse over the name of the report will give you a brief description of what that report pulls to help you make your selection. Once you've sel…

What reports are available with an ASQ Online Pro or Enterprise account?

Each account structure offers a different range of reports available to different roles within ASQ Online. For a full summary of each report available in ASQ Online Pro and Enterprise accounts, [view our ASQ Online Reports Guide][1]. _ASQ Online Reports Guide: [ content/uploads/2021/01/AS…

What reports are available to each role?

Each role in ASQ Online share the same reports, although they have access to different levels of data based on their role in the system. The Account Admin and Program Admin in a Pro account have additional higher level reports then the provider and reviewer roles. To see a full list of reports available in ASQ Online …

Can I import a report into another database?

Yes, using the .CSV file format, a report can be exported from ASQ Online for uploading into another database (as long as that database allows for the importing of data via .CSV files). You will need to follow the instructions for importing data into that database.

Can a custom report be created?

No, custom reports cannot be created within ASQ Online at this time.

What reports are available in ASQ Online?

ASQ Online includes a wide range of reports that are available to Account Administrators, Program Administrators, Providers, and Reviewers. Each role in ASQ Online has a different selection of reports available to them. For a full list of reports available to ASQ Online users, [look through our ASQ Online Reports Guid…

What type of data analysis is possible with ASQ Online? My program uses ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 at intake for our infant development and counseling center, and it is difficult to analyze aggregated data of children using the paper version.

[ASQ Online][1] allows for robust data analysis with preset reports and the ability to export raw data as CSV files. The reports section in ASQ Online enables users to generate a wide selection of customizable (e.g., interval, date range) reports for individual children, individual programs, and/or groups of children …

I am in charge of tracking ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 for my county, and I am having trouble trying to track all of the screenings. Are there any Excel spreadsheets or tracking systems that I could use?

ASQ Online is an online management system for administering and tracking ASQ screenings electronically. The system enables users to store data, set reminders for future screenings, and run extensive reports on questionnaire results. [Explore ASQ Online][1]. [1]:…

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