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Is ASQ Online HIPAA/FERPA compliant?

Yes, ASQ Online is compliant with all HIPAA and FERPA requirements. While ASQ Online is HIPAA/FERPA compliant, it is up to the users to ensure that they are aware of their own obligations under the regulations and to respect their terms. ASQ Online provides a safe and secure environment for all users. To learn more a…

The parents of one of my pediatric patients are unhappy with answering online questionnaires about their child. They asked who had access to their child’s information, if the results were used in any sort of research, and if the results are reported anywhere. Can you share information addressing patient privacy? 

The full [Privacy Policy for ASQ Online can be viewed here][1]. A parent completing questionnaires through ASQ Family Access is referred to as a Family Access Authorized User in this policy. The ASQ developers are early interventionists, researchers, and educators engaged in ongoing work to improve ASQ to better enab…

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