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My program would like to use ASQ-3 with children with hearing impairment or loss. Has ASQ-3 been normed for use with this group of children? Is there any documentation or guidance on using ASQ-3 with children with hearing impairment?

No, children with hearing impairments were not included in the normative sample for ASQ-3. The normative sample does not include children with identified disabilities. We do not have any formal guidance for using ASQ-3 with children with hearing impairment. The tool developers do know that some programs use ASQ-3 with these children to screen areas other than Communication. However, it is important to know that almost all domains are affected by not being able to hear, including Person-Social.

You could use ASQ-3 to get a rough look at areas other than Communication and where to focus intervention. However, we do not recommend using the cutoff scores for identification in any way.

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  • 17-Aug-2021