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folder-icon Can I add custom fields to a Child Profile? folder-icon Can I assign more than one provider to a child's profile? folder-icon Can I export all of the Child Profiles from my program? folder-icon For the gender field, ASQ Online only includes the response options of male or female. Can the responses for this field be changed to be more inclusive and include gender neutral or non-binary options? Or, can the field be changed to a non-required field? folder-icon How do I add a new Child Profile? folder-icon How do I look at a child's previously completed screenings? folder-icon I can't see one of the children in my classroom. Why aren't they showing up in my list of Child Profiles? folder-icon I have a completed paper questionnaire that I need to add to a child's profile. How do I add a new screening to a Child Profile? folder-icon I want to add a note about a child's last screening. Can I do that? folder-icon Someone accidentally created a second Child Profile for a child in my program. Can I merge these profiles? folder-icon We have all of our child data already stored in another database. Is there a way to quickly import that data into ASQ Online without having to manually enter the data? folder-icon We have a lot of children in our program. Is there a way to search for a specific child? folder-icon We have an external database that uses a unique child ID number different than the one in ASQ Online. Can we use that child ID number instead of the one in ASQ Online? folder-icon We have children in our ASQ Online account that are no longer in our program, but we don't want to delete the profiles in case we need to return to that data. What are our options? folder-icon What are tasks and how do I use them? folder-icon What is a child profile? folder-icon What is the difference between the long and short form for entering a new screening?
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