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My program frequently has staff turnover. How can I train the new staff to use ASQ?

A range of ASQ training materials are available. Many programs also use the ASQ DVDs as training tools—they’re short, inexpensive, and can be shown as often as needed. We offer 3 DVDs: The Ages & Stages Questionnaires® on a Home Visit, ASQ®-3 Scoring and Referral, and ASQ®:SE-2 in Practice. We also have a Training Por…

What do I need to order to use ASQ-3?

To start implementing ASQ-3 in your program, you should purchase a Starter Kit, available in English or Spanish. The Starter Kit contains a User's Guide, the Questionnaires (paper masters and CD-ROM with printable PDFs), and a Quick Start Guide. Additional helpful products include ASQ-3 Scoring & Referral training DVD…

Is training for ASQ-3 available?

Yes, training DVDs, on-site workshops through Brookes On Location, and annual training seminars are available. [Learn more][1]. [1]:

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