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On the ASQ:SE-2, why does a child receive more points for a Rarely or Never response to the question "When upset, can your baby calm down within a half hour?" than an Often or Always response?

On ASQ:SE-2 items, higher scores indicate a concern. The item from your example ("When upset, can your baby calm down within a half hour?") is a question about a competence behavior. A Rarely or Never response is associated with 10 points (marked by a X on the questionnaire) which means that the child does not have th…

What do the small letters next to the responses on ASQ:SE-2 questionnaires mean?

There are two types of items on ASQ:SE-2 questionnaires: items asking about competence behaviors and items asking about problem behaviors. Therefore, the points associated with the three response options (Often or Always, Sometimes, Rarely or Never) are not the same for every item. For competence behaviors (e.g., Is y…

What is the explanation of a Sometimes response on ASQ-3?

Per the ASQ-3 User's Guide, “Sometimes indicates that your child is just beginning to perform the behavior (i.e., emerging skill) or performs the skill on occasion, but not all the time.” Emerging skills are those that the child does inconsistently or the child might miss component steps, such as needing help with mak…

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