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For the overall question about hearing loss on the ASQ-3, does a family history mean immediate family members as well as extended family members?

For the overall question Does either parent have a family history of childhood deafness or hearing impairment?, the term family history refers to both immediate and extended family members. At the least, the grandparents of the child's parent should be included because there is a genetic component to some types of hea…

When do you refer a child when using ASQ-3?

There are several instances where a professional may decide to refer a child after completion of ASQ-3. For the 5 developmental areas covered by ASQ-3, the tool uses cutoff scores to determine whether a child should be referred. The cutoff scores were developed through a standardization process and are set at 2 standa…

A child may score on target in the Communication area of ASQ-3, but may still need a referral for evaluation due to difficulties communicating. Is this what the overall questions at the end of the questionnaire are designed to catch?

The Overall section at the end of each questionnaire serves as a general indicator of parental concerns. Any concern about development noted by parents should be discussed with the parents, and a referral should be made if appropriate. Keep in mind that these questions are not diagnostic; they can only serve as a guid…

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