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Is ASQ-3 technically sound?

ASQ-3 has a standardization with an unrivaled sample that closely mirrors the U.S. population in geography and ethnicity and includes children of all socioeconomic statuses. The sample includes 15,138 children whose parents completed 18,232 questionnaires. Reliability, validity, sensitivity, and specificity are all ex…

Is ASQ:SE-2 technically sound?

ASQ:SE-2 was investigated with more than 16,424 questionnaires across the age intervals. Reliability is 89%; validity is between 71% and 90%. Complete details can be found in the technical report in the [ASQ][1]:SE-2[ User’s Guide][1]. [1]:

Can you tell more about the reliability and norms for ASQ-3?

See a brief, technical snapshot for [ASQ-3][1]. More information regarding the reliability and norms used can be found in the Technical Report within the ASQ-3 User’s Guide or available on the [ASQ website.][2] [1]: [2]:…

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