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I would prefer ASQ-3 Learning Activities that can be used with both boys and girls. For example, one of the activities in Gross Motor 0-2 months says, "...while your baby is on his tummy, lie beside him..." What if I am giving this activity to the parents of a girl? Do you have an option that uses "him or her"?

In ASQ-3 Learning Activities, the genders are alternated in the activities with the goal of enhancing ease of use; professionals do not need to choose between female & male versions of the sheets. 

We know that using gender pronouns causes difficulty in some instances so we have decided to use the gender-neutral singular pronoun "they" in future ASQ products, including future editions of the screening tools. This new style is used in the ASQ:SE-2 Learning Activities & More, which published in 2018. For example. see the activity excerpt below.

Let's Trade

When you play with your child, help them learn how to trade with you. Notice when they reach for or look at a toy you have. "Would you like to play with my bear? Let's trade. You can have my bear, and you can give me your dog." Learning to trade will help your child learn to share with friends when they get older.

However, we are not making any changes to the ASQ-3 Learning Activities at this time. We apologize for the issue that you are experiencing. If you'd like, you can return the book using these guidelines.

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  • 31-Dec-2019