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Is there research on the validity and reliability of different administration methods of the ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2?

The developers have examined the difference between completing the questionnaires on paper and online and found that the results are equivalent. The research was published in [Infants & Young Children][1]. Questionnaire administration via telephone has not been examined by a research study. However, a lot of data col…

When obtaining answers to questionnaires via telephone calls with parents, do we need to read the entire question, including items in parentheses?

No, it not necessary to read the entire question to parents, especially if they have a copy of the questionnaire with them. For example, item 4 in the Communication area on the 16 month questionnaire states, When you ask your child to, does he go into another room to find a familiar toy or object? (You might ask, “Whe…

Can ASQ be completed by telephone interview?

Yes, questionnaires can be completed by telephone. When using this method, the developers recommend mailing a questionnaire to the family and then following up via telephone to complete the questionnaire. Mailing the questionnaire gives families the opportunity to try skills with their child prior to the telephone cal…

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