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During an ASQ training, the trainers encouraged use of materials that the family has access to in their home when completing the questionnaires. I read in the ASQ-3 User's Guide that it is recommended to use some novel items to increase parent-child interest. How should I balance using items from the family's home with novel items during home visits?

It is important that toys and materials used when completing ASQ-3 be relevant to the child’s cultural practices and it is ideal that those materials are accessible to the family. Using materials that exist in the home in new ways, such as stacking with plastic cups and putting lids on pots and pans, may increase the …

What toys or educational materials are helpful with assessing development in children using the ASQ-3? Is there a list of tried and tested toys?

ASQ-3 is designed to be completed using items that are familiar to the child and commonly available in the child's house or child care center. [See a full list of items needed for each questionnaire interval here][1]. For convenience, [the ASQ-3 Materials Kit is also available for purchase][2]. This kit contains 20 a…

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