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We are discussing how to best incorporate ASQ with our pediatric practice. Some of the items, particularly in the Fine Motor and Problem Solving areas, require observation with "props" such as Cheerios, strings, blocks, balls, sticks, etc. We have parents fill the questionnaires out in our office waiting room, but in some cases the parents have to guess because we do not have the materials here. Does this make ASQ-3 less reliable?

Your pediatric practice could consider a couple options to help parents confidently answer the questions. Some practices send parents the questionnaires in advance of the appointment, either by mail or electronically through ASQ Family Access. Having parents complete the questionnaire at home 1-2 weeks in advance of the appointment allows them to try each item with the child as necessary. 

Some pediatric practices purchase ASQ-3 Materials Kits for their waiting rooms to allow parents to try out items as they complete the questionnaires. The Materials Kit contains most items needed with the exceptions of perishable items such as Cheerios (see a full list of items included here).

If a parent reports guessing on certain items, you also have the option of dropping that item and calculating an adjusted score for the area. An adjusted score can be calculated as long as a maximum of only 2 items are missing. For easy adjusted scoring calculation, use our online ASQ Calculator or download the free ASQ Calculator app. Follow these directions to calculate adjusted scores by hand

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  • 06-Nov-2019