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Several ASQ-3 intervals include the an item related to gender and whether the child identifies their gender correctly. Some parents have concerns about this item, and some say that they find it to be insensitive to the transgender community. As a professional, how should we handle this issue?

This is an important issue. We agree that the questions related to gender are potentially hurtful to families and children, and we apologize. In the past, gender was considered a hallmark of development but now there exists a much more nuanced and sophisticated view of all that is involved with gender. We consider thi…

Does ASQ-3 screen a child's social and emotional skills?

Personal-Social is one of the five areas on ASQ-3 questionnaires. Items in the Personal-Social Area look at a child's self-help skills and their interactions with others. Ages & Stages Questionnaires: Social-Emotional, Second Edition, (ASQ:SE-2) provides a more in-depth screening of children's social-emotional skills.…

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