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Sometimes, we receive completed ASQ-3 questionnaires with scores of 0 in all domains for children that have not been diagnosed with any delays or disabilities. Should we use an ASQ-3 questionnaire in a younger age interval to help get an idea of the children’s general developmental level?

Yes, using the next lower age interval is recommended. A provider can sample items from the lower age interval and see if the child can do those skills. It may be possible that the parents do not read English or understand the questions. A phone call is recommended to determine whether the parents need a translated qu…

If you have given the child a screening and there are concerns, where do you go from there to get help for a child?

Information about interpreting ASQ:SE-2 scores and providing follow-up is provided on pages 96-107 of ASQ:SE-2 User's Guide. If concerns exist, referral to early intervention/early childhood special education or mental health evaluation may be appropriate. The following resources may also be helpful: [Interpreting A…

My daughter scored "perfect" on her ASQ-3 questionnaire at her 9 month appointment, but I'm not sure what that really means. Are there averages to compare?

ASQ-3 questionnaires are designed as a screening tool to check that a child’s development is on track. The questionnaire will “pick up” any concerns about development so the items measure average skills of a child in each age range. The questionnaires do not measure advanced development. A “perfect score” of Yes for …

We work with families who know that their child has a delay, but is not receiving services. How should we use ASQ-3 with a child who will more than likely score below the cutoff?

In this situation, providers need to be sensitive to parents' concerns and feelings, especially if it is likely that ASQ-3 items will be difficult for the child. Asking parents about the strengths of their child and starting there is a good idea. You could even ask parents to complete the ASQ-3 areas out of order to h…

What are valid scores for ASQ-3 questionnaires? Do the scores in all different age intervals range from 0 to 60?

The score for each developmental area on ASQ-3 questionnaires range from 0 to 60 on each of the 21 age intervals. So, for every ASQ-3 questionnaire, a child has 5 scores (Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Problem Solving, Personal-Social, Communication) that each range between 0 and 60.

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