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During an ASQ training, the trainers encouraged use of materials that the family has access to in their home when completing the questionnaires. I read in the ASQ-3 User's Guide that it is recommended to use some novel items to increase parent-child interest. How should I balance using items from the family's home with novel items during home visits?

It is important that toys and materials used when completing ASQ-3 be relevant to the child’s cultural practices and it is ideal that those materials are accessible to the family. Using materials that exist in the home in new ways, such as stacking with plastic cups and putting lids on pots and pans, may increase the …

Can the ASQ questionnaires be administered through ASQ Online when not connected to wifi or mobile data? For example, if a home visitor was taking a tablet to a rural area without internet access, is there an app that allows for offline administration?

To use ASQ Online, the computer or mobile device must be connected to the internet. Offline administration is not possible at this time. In the situation you describe, the home visitor would need to bring a paper copy of the ASQ to complete and then enter the data into ASQ Online when they returned to the office.

Sometimes a questionnaire cannot be completed during one home visit. Can the questionnaires be completed across two visits and still remain valid and reliable?

Sometimes it is not possible to have a parent (or a professional) complete a questionnaire all at one time. It may be better not to complete the ASQ all on one home visit and tire the child and parent. As long as the questionnaire is completed within a week or two from the start date, the results should still be valid…

My program conducts screenings with children who come from Spanish-speaking homes but are currently residing in an English only speaking home at the time of screening. When would you recommend bringing an interpretor to the home to complete a questionnaire? Prior to 9 months of age, do you think an interpretor would be needed?

Best practices for screening children with linguistically diverse backgrounds depends on many individual circumstances, including the English language skills of the child. If there is any doubt about whether the child understands English, the ASQ developers recommend that an interpretor be used. It is also important t…

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